The Beginning

Controle was founded as a direct response to what our clients were requesting in the market. Our Founder, Kevin Barnicle, was working at a Fortune 500 software manufacturer in the Info Gov/eDiscovery marketplace, and many of his clients were asking for additional solutions to help with their business problems that were not being addressed by the company he was working at, nor by any external parties. Kevin saw the opportunity to create a company to help clients meet these needs, and the rest is history.

Pictured (left to right): The Yeti; Controle Founder, Kevin Barnicle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make it easy and enforceable for our clients to overcome the complexities and challenges of managing electronic data per compliance and litigation issues.

Our Viewpoint

Our viewpoint on helping organizations with Information Governance is simple: if electronic data is worth keeping, protect it and be able to find it. If it’s not, get rid of it.

Our Value

We are singularly focused on helping our clients take control of their electronic data by gaining end-to-end information governance. Our team consists of experts across IT (System Engineers), Legal (Attorneys), and Compliance (Consultants), all of which are needed to create a practical and defensible solution that will reduce costs and mitigate risks.

  • We help analyze and identify areas for improvement in your existing environment.
  • We help you choose the right technology, customized to your company’s unique needs.
  • We can implement the solutions for you and make sure the tools you choose are managed effectively going forward.

Our Team: experts across IT, Legal and Compliance, focused on helping our clients take controle of their electronic data.

Our Mission

End-To-End Information Governance

Data Classification



Defensible Deletion

Advisory Services