How we help reduce cost, improve performance and enable compliance and eDiscovery.


Harnessing The Data Deluge

Electronic data growth is exploding, to the tune of 3 million emails per second—many of which contain sensitive information. Plus, there are compliance requirements to retain, review and monitor that ever-growing electronic data.

  • Application performance of email, Sharepoint and other systems is taxed by managing the data explosion
  • Hard to filter through this mass amount of data
  • Compliance requirements around storing data for a certain amount of years
  • eDiscovery needs increasing year over year
  • Having and keeping the experience to manage and administer these tools is very challenging


Experience + Expertise

We use our experience and expertise to help our clients:

  • Choose the right technology for their situation, whether it’s on premise or in the cloud
  • Develop a custom electronic data retention policy
  • Implement and manage the system going forward

Reduced cost.

Improved performance.

Mitigated risk.


Email Archive Policy Workshop
A managed forum for Legal, Records, IT and Security stakeholders to assemble and construct an email archive policy.

Email Archive Policy Rollout
A comprehensive policy development and company rollout process development. Leverage our teams experience to assist your team rollout an email archive policy across your organization.

We are a certified reseller of the Industry’s leading archiving solutions, both on premise and in the cloud, including tools such as EMC SourceOne, Microsoft Office 365, Veritas Enterprise Vault and, Transvault Migrator, and others. We can help you choose the right solution for your specific needs.

We hold numerous technical certifications in all the solutions we provide and our trained staff can make sure they are implemented and maintained correctly in your environment.

Virtual Admin™
One of our staff can be the go forward administrator of the Archiving solution in your environment. Flexible packages available.

Bridge The Gap™ Support
“How do I” support that your organizations Legal team can call our Attorneys or your IT staff can call our technical staff on eDiscovery matters. We can take over all ongoing eDiscovery needs associated with your Archiving system for your team going forward as well.


Taking Controle of Archiving

  • Reduce Cost: Save infrastructure costs by moving archive data from Tier 1 to other Tiers of storage. Additionally, save 10X on eDiscovery costs.
  • Avoid Fines: Assure your organization is not subject to potential fines.
  • Gain Expertise: Work with an organization who specializes only in this space.
  • Create Defensiblity: Put in a repeatable and defensible eDiscovery process associated with the archive system.
  • Get Assistance: We can assist you in the administration and management of your tools.
Our Mission

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