Clearwell Version 8.1.1 Released

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Veritas recently released Clearwell version 8.1.1.  We have concluded our in-house testing.  While we can’t test for every possible environment and use case, we are satisfied with the release and are offering this upgrade to our BTG and CvA customers as part of your BTG or CvA time.  If you do not have a BTG or CvA contract with Controle, please contact your account executive to discuss upgrade engagement pricing.

Here are some of the highlights of this release:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 now supported
  • Internet Explorer 11 now supported
  • Collect from Office 365 Archive mailboxes – Clearwell previously supported collection from  O365 mailboxes, but now also collects archives
  • EV 11.0.1 supported
    • SMTP archive supported in EV 11.0.1
  • Security updates
    • Tomcat updated – 7.0.59
    • Java – version 8 update 45
    • MySQL 5.6.16
    • Improved salt and hash passwords
  • Definable export locations
    • Can export to file shares both on, and outside of the Clearwell appliance for ease of access to produced data
    • Can be limited by Group based permissions
  • Groups based permission for Collection Sets


Work-from-home Website Interviews Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle About Telecommuting

By | Notes | No Comments recently interviewed Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle as part of an article “How Do Employers Feel About Telecommuting?”

kevin barnicle portrait website - 600Here’s what Kevin shared in response to the question, Do you plan on continuing to allow employees to telecommute?

Absolutely. In business, what everyone should be focused on is results. And if someone will achieve better results from working from home, why wouldn’t you let them do that? Plus, from a merely operational perspective, there are many financial benefits for the business on not having to provide additional office space, etc. to accommodate employees. Finally, we have found that us trusting our employees to work from home instills a lot of loyalty in them to our company. We wouldn’t change that for anything.

“If someone will achieve better results from working from home, why wouldn’t you let them do that?”


Since our founding, we have stayed true to our mission of service and have created a user-friendly experience for employers and job seekers alike. By dedicating our site exclusively towards jobs containing remote work, we’re able to tailor our features towards helping those find flexible jobs. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of the jobs you’ll find listed on SkipTheDrive allow you to work from home with Fortune 500 companies.

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Controle COO Stephen O'Leary Interviewed For Tech Page One Article

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stephen oleary portrait website - 600 - squareOn the Tech Page One blog, writer Gail Dutton recently published a post titled “When is it safe for a business to dispose of data?” In it, she includes quotes from interviewing Controle EVP and COO Stephen O’Leary. Here are Stephen’s highlighted contributions to the article.

In regard to data deluge creating problems for backup:

“Although disk space is cheap, many IT professionals are challenged by an inability to back up everything overnight,” O’Leary said. Therefore, they may back up mission-critical data nightly, but rotate backup for unstructured content such as proposals and correspondence. Read More

Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle Shares Lean Startup Success Story With Tech Cocktail

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Camila Souza, writer and community manager for Tech Cocktail, featured the story of Controle CEO (and Founder) Kevin Barnicle in her National Edition article “Founders Share Lean Startup Lessons For Success.”

Kevin shared how Controle has found success using the Lean Startup methodology, particularly the process of build, measure and learn:

kevin barnicle portrait website - 600“The build-measure-learn process reduces anxiety about the product. It’s good to use as a value proposition. I like to put myself in the shoes of the customer. Instead of just going out and spending the marketing dollars, internal time and effort, etc. it would take to create the offering, we have been reaching out to customers to see if they were interested in such a service. We were told by customers that they were interested in some of them and not in some others. We have turned our focus on creating the ones they were interested in and shelving the rest. We will save a lot of time, money, and potential frustration as a result.”

“We have turned our focus on creating the ones [services] they were interested in and shelving the rest.”

About Tech Cocktail:

Tech Cocktail is a media company and events organization for startups, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts. Since 2006, its goal has been to amplify local tech communities and give entrepreneurs a place to get informed, get connected, and get inspired. Tech Cocktail dedicates itself to covering news, how-to’s, up-and-coming startups, and industry trends online, and hosting events in over 20 cities in the US and abroad.

Photo credit: Tech Cocktail via flickr

Controle's EVP Stephen O'Leary Interviewed By EMC About 'The Defensible Deletion Balancing Act'

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stephen oleary portrait website - 600Over at the EMC Spark blog, Tom Broering interviewed Controle EVP and COO Stephen O’Leary to gain his insight about “The Defensible Deletion Balancing Act: eDiscovery vs. Big Data.”

“Stephen O’Leary, the Executive Vice President and COO of Chicago-based Controle has become something of a ringmaster, explaining the benefits of his particular brand of Defensible Deletion: smart and responsible solutions that purge an organization’s unneeded legacy data to improve efficiency, smooth workflow, mitigate risk, and enhance the bottom line.” Read More

Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle Quoted: Turning Complaints Into New Services

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Controle CEO Kevin Barnicle was asked to contribute his thoughts to an article from Business News Daily titled “5 Ways to Turn Your Customer Complaints Into Business Ideas.”

In the first section “Be open to closing the gaps,” Kevin shares a story about how one of the company’s most popular services, Bridge the Gap, was inspired by a customer who provided honest feedback about an unmet need. Read More

Controle eDiscovery Attorney Interviewed by Corporate Counsel Magazine

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Controle’s very own Vice President eDiscovery Legal, Elizabeth Fogerty, was interviewed this week for an article from Corporate Counsel magazine and website (part of the network) about the challenging, but necessary task of building a better relationship between companies’ Legal and IT departments, “Build Better Relationships Between IT and Legal.”

As Fogerty, a former trial lawyer, notes, the employees that staff these two departments are so different they “probably never even took a class together after freshman year of college.” But that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends—or at least connected colleagues—right? Fogerty breaks down how and why it’s imperative for in-house counsel and corporate IT folks to work together …

Elizabeth was consulted for the piece after originally writing a blog post herself addressing the issue the week before, “Hey Legal, It’s Time to Update Your Facebook Status to “In a Relationship” … with IT”, which Corporate Counsel came across on Twitter.