How we help clients Take Out The eTrash™.


Data Explosion & Sprawl

Businesses are facing a problem: their data isn’t growing, it’s exploding—exponentially. In fact, 90% of all electronically stored information was created in the last two years and 80% is unstructured, sprawled across an organization. It’s a mess.

And instead of dealing with this mess, many businesses have relied on KEF (Keep Everything Forever), the consequences of which have become unbearable: soaring storage and management costs, and serious legal and compliance risks.

Keeping Everything Forever isn’t working. It’s time to Address The Mess™.


Address The Mess™

Over time, the value of data tends to diminish, while its risk increases. With our proprietary approach and technologies, we help our clients identify their data with risk that exceeds its value—then delete it.

Then we implement a governance framework with controls and technology in place so, going forward, the business can defensibly delete data as it moves from asset to liability.

No mess.

Reduced cost.

Mitigated risk.


Information Governance Assessment
An assessment, aided by File Share Analysis tools, of your electronic data landscape. Outcomes consist of identification of eTrash™ (files with zero value), high risk content in unsecured areas, and a plan for taking control of this content.

Information Governance Program
Six phase approach to control unstructured ESI on file shares, shared drives, and other network attached storage devices. Outcomes include Data Classification, Defensible Deletion and ESI Lifecycle Management.

We are a certified reseller of the Industry’s leading solutions around Defensible Deletion using technologies such as EMC Kazeon, IBM StoredIQ, Symantec Data Insight, Varonis DatAdvantage, and others. We can help you choose the right solution for your specific needs.

We hold numerous technical certifications in all the solutions we provide and our trained staff can make sure they are implemented and maintained correctly in your environment.

Virtual Admin™
One of our staff can be the go forward administrator of the Defensible Deletion solution in your environment. Flexible packages available.


Taking Controle with Defensible Deletion

  • Reduce Cost: Save potential millions of dollars in storage and management costs. Produce 50% less content associated with eDiscovery, resulting in saving millions of dollars in eDiscovery costs.
  • Mitigate Risk: Get rid of risky content in your environment.
  • Gain Expertise: Work with an organization who specializes only in this space.
  • Create Defensiblity: Put in a repeatable and defensible electronic data management and deletion solution.
Our Mission

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