How we bring Legal & IT together for better eDiscovery.


The Gap Between Legal & IT

The fundamental problem in the eDiscovery process is a gap between Legal and IT. It often results in too little or too much ESI turned over to Legal and outsourced firms, which can cost an organization millions of dollars and has serious legal risks.

  • Electronic data doubling every 2 years
  • eDiscovery events increasing each year
  • Courts mandating processes and procedures
  • Laws changing rapidly
  • Technology landscape increasingly complex


Bridge the Gap™

With our team of experts across both Legal and IT, we help our clients bridge the gap between these departments to create an eDiscovery process that is more efficient and effective for the business.

More efficient for IT.

More effective for Legal.

Better for business.


We enable IT with the expertise and technology to better identify, collect and preserve only the relevant electronic data. And we empower Legal with the tools and techniques to find the electronic data that matters, strengthening legal positioning as a result.

eDiscovery Assessment
An assessment of your current organizational and technological eDiscovery capabilities. Outcome is a report containing a prioritized list of recommendations to close the gaps.

Litgation Response Protocol
A comprehensive policy, process and capabilities review relative to your ability to address each step in the eDiscovery business process model. Outcome is a documented Litigation Response Playbook that identifies people, process, and technology to address eDiscovery.

Controle Run Book
Technology “how to” manual for go forward performing eDiscovery inside your IT department that can be provided to Courts to demonstrate current process and procedures.

We are a certified reseller of the industry’s leading solutions and help our clients take controle of eDiscovery using technologies such as EMC Kazeon, Microsoft Office 365, Exterro Fusion, Veritas Clearwell, and others. We can help you choose the right solution for your specific needs.

We hold numerous technical certifications in all the solutions we provide and our trained staff can make sure they are implemented and maintained correctly in your environment.

Virtual Admin™
One of our staff can be the go forward administrator of the eDiscovery solution in your environment. Flexible packages available.

Bridge the Gap™ Support
“How do I” support that your organization’s Legal team can call our Attorneys or your IT staff can call our staff on eDiscovery matters. We can take over all ongoing eDiscovery needs for your team going forward as well.


Taking Controle of eDiscovery

Studies by third party consulting organizations have shown that companies that put in an eDiscovery solution will save 90% versus organizations that don’t deploy one—and have much better legal positioning.

  • Reduce Cost: Save 10x on current eDiscovery process
  • Avoid Fines: Assure your organization is not subject to potential fines
  • Gain Expertise: Work with an organization who specializes only in this space
  • Create Defensiblity: Put in a repeatable and defensible eDiscovery process
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