Microsoft Office 365 + Controle

It’s official … team up industry-leading technology from Microsoft with impeccable services from Controle’s team of Legal, IT and Compliance experts, and you’ll make a fast break toward success!

Complete Information Governance & eDiscovery assurance … SLAM DUNK!


Reduce eDiscovery costs by 10x with Office 365.

Mitigate risks associated with data growth and compliance with O365 archiving.

Partner with Microsoft and Controle for a proven defensible solution to govern your Corporate data.


Microsoft Office 365

Why Office 365?

  • Industry leading email management platform that includes Archiving and eDiscovery
  • Powerful eDiscovery Review and Analytics
  • Proven tool to help reduce eDiscovery costs by 10X and greatly mitigate risks
  • Better enable your Legal team to battle cases and meet Compliance requirements

The Assist From Controle

  • Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery Alliance Partner
  • Proven partner that enables Legal and IT teams to most effectively and defensibly use Office 365 to support eDiscovery and Information Governance goals
  • Services include:
    • Customer Enablement: Office 365 for Legal/Compliance Advising, Training, Documentation, and reactive “How do I” support
    • Support: Award winning Controle Bridge the Gap® managed service made up of Attorneys and Consultants to help conduct eDiscovery collections, review, and expert third party witness support
    • Process: Documented eDiscovery best practices ensure you know how to best utilize Office 365 into your current eDiscovery process
    • Migration: Migrate Legacy content from existing archives into Office 365

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