What’s Up With The Yeti?!

Electronic data isn’t growing—it’s exploding. And it’s sprawled across companies, where it’s under increasing scrutiny. That’s scary. As scary as finding yourself face-to-face with a mythological hairy monster. But what if instead of embodying the problem, he was on your side to overcome it?

That’s why we created the Yeti as our unflappable (dare we say intimidating?) ambassador: someone on the side of our clients, inspiring them to be cool and confident in a chaotic situation while boldly taking the necessary actions to take controle of electronic data. Oh, and having some fun while doing it, *wink*.

Cool. Confident. Fun. (Maybe in a bowling shirt.) That’s the Yeti way.

Player Profile

  • Team: Controle
  • Name: Yottabyte (1024 bytes); goes by Yeti
  • Height: 7’9”
  • Weight: A lot to love
  • Relationship status: It’s complicated
  • Hobbies: Bowling; Ice sculpture; Quidditch
  • Nickname: The Big Chill
  • Favorite Movie: Planet of the Apes
  • Favorite Song: Janet Jackson’s “Control”

Fun Fact
In a brief stint with the NBA D-League’s Reno Bighorns, The Yeti averaged a quadruple double in points, rebounds, blocked shots and kiss cam appearances.

Favorite Quote
“Uuuuuuuuuuur Ahhhhrrrr Uhhrrrr Ahhhrrrrgggg Uaaaarrrrhhhh … ”
— Chewbacca

Highlight Reel

The Yeti doing what he does best: kicking bytes and taking names controle.

Our Mission

End-To-End Information Governance

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Defensible Deletion

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