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I have been in the services delivery business, whether it be business analytics, consultative, or implementation services, for my entire career. Although I am not yet ready for retirement, I have enough gray hair to suggest I may have a number of learning experiences and some hard-earned wisdom under my belt. And I do.

I learned early on in my growing-up years that there are certain character qualities that will help us succeed in our jobs and in our lives. My early years as a babysitter helped me remember the basics of what is important. The safety and security of knowing someone has got things under control is significant to a little kid whose parents have gone—seemingly for days—to dinner, leaving her in someone else’s hands—someone who would calmly manage the ups and downs and unpredictable nature of childhood.

I did not take that responsibility lightly, and as I grew into adulthood, the ability to keep calm and carry on became my goal and mantra for staying centered and minding the Big Picture. The events in our personal and professional lives can distract us and impact the manner in which we interact with family, friends, colleagues. I realized that keeping focused on the important things was a really great way to disregard those distractions and stay focused on the right path.

When I became a “Professional,” I worked primarily in the financial services space. It was during those early working years that I came to Controlled-Zone2have a high expectation of what professional services can, and should, be. The financial services industry is demanding, often without sanity, and working in that fast-paced, highly focused, often frenetic environment has taught me a thing or two about how to navigate tough waters and stay the course. I learned that my babysitting days had prepared me to manage a few colleague and manager melt-downs with calm and concern for the situation at hand. I learned how to help guide the ship toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Navigating choppy waters became something I learned not to fear but to accept, as part of the challenges of growth.

Today, I work as the Director of Professional Services at Controle. When I joined the team, I realized that this group of people, from everywhere across the country, have given each other a great gift. We are smart and knowledgeable, certainly. The areas of expertise that we hail as our focus have great depth of knowledge. But this team also has those basic qualities that I learned all those years ago and look for in my interactions with others, even today. We keep calm and carry on. We lead our clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We show them that we take it seriously when they leave their projects in our hands. We show them that when they need someone to help navigate those choppy waters and stay the course, we are there for them. This is the basis behind our work and our ability to provide high quality professional services for our clients’ Information Governance needs, and it is not by accident that we can say we have it … well … under Controle.


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